Darpan Tilokani

"Life is more beautiful when looking through lens"



The thing that brought me to where I am are the inherent genes, passion and spirit I got from my parents, refined later by my brother and than supported by my friends. Because of family background rooted in Art, I have always been fascinated about art by seeing my father experimenting new things, which indeed intrigued me. Being inspired to emulate him, I elected to study Humanities in high School.

After graduating from High School, I actually took a break from studies and set myself to explore the field of Art. I started assisting my dad for the shoots and took interest in exploring this world by traveling with him. Eventually, I decided to step a foot into this field perhaps not being sure about choosing my career in photography. I then set out to discover my likeness about this field and ended up choosing films as my major.

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my Bachelors in Film Production at California State University, Northridge and I love this city of dreams maybe because I am able to see it through the eye of an artist. I draw my inspiration not only from my Father but also from people like Steven Spielberg, David Fincher and Ben Affleck who are my personal favorites.

Although I haven’t achieved any acclaims in the film department but that hasn’t stopped me from achieving excellence in the field of art and instead has forced me to challenge my potential. My passion for photography has me led to win an award in the photo contest hosted by Photographer’s Forum Magazine for college students and my photograph secured a place in the Honorable Mention Section of the magazine.

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